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CUSTOM SCENT!!!! It is time to calm your mind and lift your mood! My wonderful formulation of BATH BOMBS are just what you need to start or end your day. My bath bombs not only cleanse your skin but also enrich your bathing water with emollients and softeners that help moisturize and soothe your skin. They help pamper your skin and make it smooth, youthful, glowing, and soft. Some of the wonderful benefits using my bath bombs are soothing your aching body, helps with detox, improves your sleep, and gets rid of bad body odor. Add these with my formulation of bath salts and your body will be in for a wonderful treat!

Custom Bath Bombs (4Bombs)

  • All purchases are Final. NO RETURNS

  • Please allow a couple of extra day for shipping due to custom order and drying time.

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