This dynamic duo will take your hydration, moisturizing, and strengthening to a new level! Keiden 2oz and Julian Christyn used in combination is a powerful hair follicle stimulator. Keep your scalp hydrated by using the oil as needed. Julian Christyn can be used for hot oil treatments, cuticle conditioning, beard maintenance and managing, as a massage oil, and much more! Keiden is a wonderful unscented body and hair butter that will keep your hair moisturized and strengthen the hair. Keiden will leave your skin silky smooth and soft. Apply all over your body and in trouble areas to help with eczema, psoriasis and other skin irritations. Both Julian Christyn and Keiden are multifunctional products and together they will improve your natural skincare needs.   

DYNAMIC DUO (keiden 2oz and julian christyn)


    About Us 

    I have been in the medical profession for over 25 years. My last born child has severe asthma and with that one of the reactions is eczema. His eczema was so bad that prescription medication could not heal it. He scratched his dry skin so much that the skin would crack. After working relentlessly on different combinations of natural/organic butters and oils for a year, I was finally rewarded with a terrific product! I am so happy that I can now not only help my son, but others as well.

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