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Personal Dialogue

Here at Terri Renae's I am personally committed to deliver quality product to my customers. I use only natural and or organic ingredients in all of the butters standing behind my belief that chemically made products are not made for our skin. My butters are a great natural sun protectant, terrific base for makeup application, eczema, dry/cracked skin, diaper rash, unbelievable moisturizer, aide in edge growth resulting from tension alopecia, and contains an abundance of hydration properties.

I believe and stand behind my product 100percent! My body butters are an all in one!It is my commitment that  I will continue to produce high quality products for all of my valued customers at a fair and reasonable purchase price. May God Bless and Happy Hydration...

Terri Renae

Why Organic Oils?

Organic farming is the agricultural practice of growing food and other crops as naturally as possible without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides and other harmful chemical compounds. Organic farmers do not use genetically modified seeds, use crop rotation and inter-cropping to manage the health of the soil, use insect-eating creatures to control pests and generally use non-invasive, non-harmful methods to grow their crops.

About Us 

I have been in the medical profession for over 25 years. My last born child has severe asthma and with that one of the reactions is eczema. His eczema was so bad that prescription medication could not heal it. He scratched his dry skin so much that the skin would crack. After working relentlessly on different combinations of natural/organic butters and oils for a year, I was finally rewarded with a terrific product! I am so happy that I can now not only help my son, but others as well.

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