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Summer Shipping

As a formulator, I love creating, making, and offering natural skin and body care products. I keep all my products natural therefore; some my products are affected by temperature...I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT add synthetic ingredients that will make it more temperature stable. The products that are affected by this are anhydrous (water free) and so are not emulsified. Emulsifiers can help keep it temperature stable as well. It is more important to me that my products have the highest concentration of skin loving, vitamin loaded, decadent ingredients possible.  

I cannot control what happens once USPS drops it off to you. Mailboxes can get insanely hot in the summer, as can packages left out on a porch, in the sun, on a hot day. 

I ask that you keep an eye on tracking so you can grab your package as soon as it arrives or that you request it be shipped to your work if no one will be home to take it out of the heat. 

If your product does melt or get soft, in spite of the efforts I have made to prevent it, please do not worry! A melted product is not a bad product...I promise you!

Just pop it in the fridge for a bit I would say about 30 minutes and it'll go back to solid state. It may look a little different but it will still be the same super nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing balm. It will still go on easily, sink in quickly and leave your skin feeling and smelling amazing!

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