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Cotton blossoms infused with lavender & sea salt transport you to a peaceful spring day with freshly-laundered linens billowing softly on a sun-warmed breeze. Blue freesia, clean cypress & aquatic musk lend an airy texture for a relief & refreshment.
T: Sea Salt, Freshly Washed Linens, Cotton Blossom
H: Crushed Lavender, Sage Leaves, Sweet Geranium
B: White Woods, Airy Musk, Grapefruit Bark


  • This is a multicolored glass, so the color may slightly vary due to photographic angles and lighting.

    Dacron Diffuser Reeds offer the latest technology in fragrance diffusers, delivering improved performance compared to standard rattan/reed sticks.

    The Dacron Diffuser Reed is made from a synthetic fiber and compatible with both oil and water based diffuser liquids. They're designed not to bleed color into the diffuser liquid and are less likely to discolor, unlike the standard rattan/reed sticks commonly used diffusers.

    To restore the fragrance concentration, we recommend flipping the reeds every few days and using 5 reeds for optimal performance & longevity.

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